【Personal interview part 2】The epidemic is hard to shake ambition——Dialogue with Lv Liyi, chairman of Weishi

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Chairman of WEISHI Lv Liyi



ILD :We know that many washing factories are worried that their development speed will not keep pace with the pace of Weishi's products. How do you view and solve the concerns of such customers?

Lv Liyi:Weishi is based on products and technology. We should continue to make micro innovation on the basis of learning advanced technology to solve the practical problems encountered by domestic customers. Therefore, upgrading is also in line with the requirements of customers. Take a few examples, such as the cloth spreader. The foreign market is mainly rental, and there are few kinds of cloth. However, there are many kinds of cloth in domestic market, and the existing foreign technology will not adapt to the local conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to improve and innovate the mechanical structure and servo control system to improve the working reliability. For example, the ironing machine, which has many problems in high-speed operation and static electricity, needs to transport our original clothing ironing technology When used for ironing, an end dehumidification setting roller is added, which greatly improves the high-speed stability. For example, although the flexible groove has better performance, it can only be brought into play under sufficient steam pressure. We will develop different "rigid and flexible" combination trough ironing according to the specific conditions of customers, which can work effectively under low pressure. For example, there are more and more rented cloth In order to increase the unit production capacity, we need to develop more than 100kg continuous batch washer, high-speed hoisting system, gas-heated high-speed ironer, and increase intelligent management system, etc. All these require us to have a quick response and continuous improvement mechanism.

It is normal for customers to worry about the future updating and upgrading of products, and we should actively adapt to and solve such concerns. Therefore, Weishi requires that the product development should try to achieve modular design that takes into account the long-term development as far as possible, and promises and implements the "common sustainable development plan" of Weishi and its customers, so that it can quickly upgrade and transform in place when the old customers need it. Weish customers are all over the fields of wine washing, medical washing and clothing. Many of them have put forward some upgrading requirements. We can actively implement them step by step, and truly achieve "we are all partners" and grow together with customers.

After intensive product development and improvement in the past few years, Weishi Foundation's products and solutions have been basically finalized, and the product line has also been initially adjusted in place. At present, the key work is to focus on optimizing and improving products, stabilizing quality, mass production, improving delivery and service capabilities, and better meeting the needs of domestic and foreign markets.



ILD :During the epidemic period, I heard that Weishi has been busy studying and researching. Recently, it has made a lot of new strategic adjustments. What is the ultimate strategic goal of Weishi?

Lv Liyi:First of all, we hope to get through the epidemic as soon as possible and overcome the difficulties. During the epidemic period, we did a lot of work. Since the beginning of February, I have been organizing team learning and training, and at the same time, I have made a lot of thinking and carding on the future development. The epidemic situation is both a crisis and an opportunity. It will come to an end. The holes and opportunities formed in the market will need to be filled by competent enterprises in time. Therefore, instead of adopting a plan of compression and withdrawal, instead of reducing staff and production, we actively make self-adjustment on the basis of ensuring basic cash flow, such as strengthening the carding and improvement of business processes, accelerating the development of new products and product line adjustment, speeding up the construction of new manufacturing bases, strengthening the integration of medical washing equipment and accelerating the pace of resource integration, Increase marketing power, etc.

Weishi's ultimate development goal is to become a leading global washing equipment integrator, not only in China. Careful analysis, the top foreign companies in China's market share only accounted for a small part of their global sales, only a few percent! On the one hand, it shows that our own environmental development is not mature enough, on the other hand, it also shows that the international market has more space. There are many types of washing equipment, intensive technology application, and high labor cost. China has gradually developed industrial chain and product line, which also creates better conditions for going out, so that made in China officially begins to participate in the global market competition. Therefore, we have set up several subsidiaries in Japan, Belgium, the United States and other places. We plan to gradually increase the number of subsidiaries, so that we can really go out of China and go global.

Last year, Changzhou Wujin 150 acres of new intelligent manufacturing base began to officially start, and strive to complete the delivery by the end of this year. Changzhou base will be a new operation mode of intelligent manufacturing and cooperation and sharing. Weishi does not require itself to be large and comprehensive, but to provide an open basic platform for centralized processing and manufacturing. Cooperative enterprises related to washing and clothing solutions will come in, operate and support independently, form a collection of product lines and industrial chains, and establish a symbiotic and win-win partnership. In the future, Weishi will mainly focus on technological innovation, marketing and sales, and service support to form a tripartite situation of Shanghai, Changzhou and overseas bases, and build a collaborative, sustained and stable development of a century old livelihood equipment enterprise.

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